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Electrical Safety Tips

Licensed ElectricianIt’s hard to imagine how we’d live without electricity. Today, it just gets more important. Most people can’t live without electrical appliances. You can name anything from gadget, notebook, TV, internet, and many things else. There are even worldwide attempts to turn everything around us as smart devices which only licensed electrician could do. Autonomous car and smart house are two examples of that. Now, can you imagine what would happen if we can’t use electricity anymore?

Some of you may think that question as hilarious. That’s impossible. Today, with our advanced technologies, we can easily generate electricity anywhere even at remote places around the world, as long as we have electrician to do it. Well, maybe that’s the reason we underestimate the situation. Maybe, just maybe, because we enjoy this electricity too much, we have become unaware of its threat. Maybe because we think electricity is there for us to enjoy, we should never care about how to stay safe from it.Yes, you read it. Despite the benefits, electricity still poses huge threats for everyone. That’s why even we still need

Yes, you read it. Despite the benefits, electricity still poses huge threats for everyone. That’s why even we still need electrician, to ensure we every electrical stuff done correctly and safely. This article is meant to remind all of us about that threat, something that we ‘choose’ to forget.

Safety Tips for Everyone From Licensed Electrician

Everything I am going to show to you is actually simple. Everyone can be safe when using extension cords, light bulbs, gadgets, and other electrical appliances. It is our ignorance that makes being safe from electricity very important to be discussed again. We choose to ignore this topic when we think we are safe from it. “Why should I care about electrical safety, when there is an electrician near me?” It doesn’t matter how good this sounds to you, but we say it because we want to justify ourselves. That always happens, just before we realize that it only takes one small mistake to spark a fire. A single, small mistake can create a disaster, yet it only takes simple prevention measures to prevent that from happening.


Appliances are everywhere. Teacher, electrician, farmer, doctor. Almost every person has it, from notebook to smartphone, from an electric cook to refrigerator. These safety tips can help you to operate appliances safely:

  • Before purchasing any appliance, make sure it has been certified and approved by your national consumer library or similar institutions. This is very important to ensure that the appliance has met your national’s safety standard.
  • Keep any stow cords and unused appliances safely out of reach of young children, pets, and/or hazardous situations.
  • Give several inches of clearance to your computer monitors, televisions, clocks, refrigerators, and other appliances that generate heat. This will allow the air to move freely and keep the temperature of your appliance. If your appliance stars sparkling fire due to overheat, unplug the cord immediately and perhaps it’s the right moment to say, “Luckily, I have an electrician near me.”

Note: Do not drape toys, clothes, or other items over these appliances to prevent fire.

  • Before using any appliance, make sure you have read the manual book. If it stops working, do not attempt to fix. It would be wise to hand the job to a licensed electrician.
  • Keep all appliances away from water.
  • Make sure your hands are dry before operating any electrical appliances. Avoid standing in water as well.
  • Keep all combustible materials such as toys, curtains, papers, and clothes away from heat sources, including heating vents, space heaters, and radiators.


Every electrical appliance comes with a cord to connect it to an outlet. Cords are also used by an electrician to extend the range between outlet and appliances. Follow these safety tips to keep your cords in good condition.

  • Check your cords for kinks, cracks, and frays. Make sure you miss nothing during the check. If you are not sure how to do it, you can call for a help from your nearby licensed electrician. For example, if you live in New York, you can reach electrician NYC for help.

Please note that cords are only meant for electrical purposes.

  • You should firmly plug your cords into outlets. Plug your cord into another outlet if you can easily pull out the cord. Loose cord may end up with shorting and fire. If you can’t find any suitable outlet, ask help from your local electricians to fix the problem for you.
  • Use only twist ties or tape to keep your cords in position. Avoid using nail or staple.
  • Avoid placing your cords beneath rugs because you will never notice if there is any fray. Furthermore, covering your cords will only prevent it from staying as cool as possible. Consult with your local electrician if you want to tidy up your cords. For example, if you are a NY citizen, NYC electrician should be able to help you.
  • Do not modify your cord’s plug by any mean. Any modification to electrical appliance may end up with short circuitry and, in many cases, fire. If you need to modify your cord or any other electrical appliance, an electrician should be able to provide that service.
  • Use extension cords as minimum as possible. They are never meant for long-term use.
  • There are 2 common types of extension cord: indoor and outdoor extension cords. Make sure you get the right type along with proper length and weight.


Every cord has to be plugged into an electrical outlet to power the electrical appliance. It sounds easy. Just plug the cord and you can use the appliance. You may not realize it, but it is this sense of easiness that make people unaware of the real threat. You can’t just plug a cord into any outlet or pull it as you like. There are things you should always remember to do regarding the electrical outlets.

  • Block all unused electrical outlets by using childproof caps or changing it into a solid cover plate. You can do it by yourself or ask an electrician.
  • Every outlet can only support several cords at a time. Do not overload the outlets using power strips or multiple adaptors. Relocate some of the cords instead.
  • Before you plug a cord into the outlet, make sure it has the same size as the outlet.
  • Ask an electrician to install grounding system. Focus on potentially hazardous areas around your property, such as unfinished basements, bathrooms, kitchens, crawl spaces, and pools.
  • Ask an electrician to cover all outlets with secure plates

Light bulbs

Light bulbs are probably the most common electrical appliances in every home. However, don’t let your guard down. Light bulbs possess the same level of threat like any other electrical appliances. Follow these steps to stay safe while using light bulbs.

  • All your light bulbs should have the same wattage for their corresponding fixture. When installing new fixtures, make sure you mentioned this to your electrician.
  • Consider switching from conventional light bulbs to more efficient, energy saving light bulbs such as LED light bulbs. With lower wattage level, they can provide at least the same level of brightness.
  • When a CFL light bulb breaks, you should immediately leave the room for more than 15 minutes. Do not deal with the situation by yourself. Ask an electrician to deal with the broken light bulbs.
  • Make sure you have screwed all light bulbs tightly. Any loose light bulb can cause shorts or sparks.
  • Make sure you have turned off or unplugged a fixture before changing your light bulbs.


It is very crucial to stay safe wherever you are, both indoor and outdoor. Follow these steps to stay safe while you are outdoor.

  • Keep all trees pruned, but make sure you don’t do this by yourself. Cutting down trees is one thing, keeping the power lines unaffected is another thing. It would be wise to ask professionals or at least electrician to do this job. There should be some clearance between trees and power lines overhead. In case the trees fall, it won’t damage the power line.
  • Do not fly balloons, model aircraft, kites, or anything near power lines. It may trigger shorts.
  • Do not use a ladder if there are power lines nearby.
  • Always keep in mind that contact with power line will most likely end with death. Remind your family, friends, and everyone else about this as well.
  • Never approach a power line. Even if it is a downed one, it may still have some power left. Contact the authorities and ask them to send electrician to deal with the power lines.

Electrical fire safety tips

Sometimes, no matter everything you’ve done, electrical spark or short does happen. When that happens, it is very important to understand what you should do next. You should assume that no one will be there to help you, not even an electrician. You should focus on preventing the fire from spreading and causing more damages. You should also immediately call authorities about the incident. When fire occurs, you should keep your families from approaching electric appliances, with no excuse.

Other than that, here are some safety tips you can perform while fire breaks due to electricity shorts or sparks:

  • Do not attempt to rewire or repair any electrical appliances if you are not licensed to do that. You should ask an electrician to do the job for you.
  • Avoid overloading plugs, sockets, and extension cords.
  • Locate every circuit breakers and fuse boxes in your house and learn how to operate them. If you don’t know how, ask an electrician to teach you. When the fire breaks, you should know how to shut them down to prevent the fire from spreading
  • Do not touch any electrical appliances if they are still connected to sockets or outlets. You should wait until the fire has been extinguished.
  • If fire breaks due to electrical shorts or sparks, you should never attempt to extinguish it by using water. It will only make things worse. Use baking soda or a dry fire extinguisher instead.

Stay safe

Even though electricity is a common thing in our life and we are very used to it, it still possesses huge threats to everyone. When using electricity and all electrical appliances, make sure you have carefully observed and performed all safety measures to keep you and everyone you love, safe.

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