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Furniture Assembly Service

Your Ultimate Furniture Assembly Guide

Furniture Assembly

Furniture assembly can be a very enjoyable experience. It can be a perfect time to channel all your experience. You can build unique objects from ‘scratches’ and even add some modifications to it. The only problem is not all units, especially the flat pack ones, come with same installation guide. Even products in the same category have different ways to build, no matter how similar they finally look like. This article is meant to help you solve that problem. Finally, there is one simple, universal guide for assembling furniture.

Buying the Item

The first and most important step in assembling stuff is buying the right item. All experts will recommend the same thing to you, including those from furniture assembly service. Before you go to the store, make sure you have written down the exact dimensions where you want to place the unit and keep in mind that you should allow give some spaces to allow good air circulation.

Next, you should pick the right furniture material. Some common materials include:

  • Plywood, engineered wood, and particle board. These are the most affordable materials you can find in any store. Particleboard are basically wood chips. Since they are only glued together, they may not be a good option if you are looking for strong material. Medium density fiberboard or engineered wood are actually made of wood fibers. It looks exactly like wood and just as tough as it. Plywood is made of layers of engineered or real wood. They are stuck together and can be a great option for durable wood.
  • Wood veneer and laminate. Laminate ‘wood’ are not actually 100% wood. It is made of plastic layers glued to plywood. This construction makes it fairly durable. There is one special thing about laminate wood, though: the finish and color won’t fade.  Wood veneer, at the other side, is the combination of everything you want from a furniture: affordable price, high quality, elegant look, and perfect grain.
  • Solid hardwood. This is the strongest and, therefore, most expensive furniture material in the market. It’s a perfect choice if you want to build units that hold serious loads. This material usually has protective finishes and dovetailed joints.

 Don’t forget to ask few questions:

  • Does the company have any return policy? Who should pay for the shipping cost if you want to return the item?
  • Can you reach the company for support 24/7 for free? Maybe there are some important information not listed on the label. In this case, the salesperson will less likely know about that and the best way to gain that information is by contacting the company’s customer service.

It’s Time for Furniture Assembly

There are some easy steps you can use to assemble your furniture, even without help from local assembly service, like furniture assembly NYC if you live in New York.

  1. Open the boxes. As soon as the unit came, open the box immediately. You should check for any missing parts and possible damages. If you found anything damaged or missing, contact the company immediately. Some companies, like IKEA, always prepare for this condition by stocking replacement items in their warehouse. Please carefully open the box. Do not use sharp object as it may damage the unit even before you can start the furniture assembly. Next, you should place all parts on the floor and clean them with a clot. This way, you can make sure no dirt will interfere with the adhesives and all corners will be 100% free from dust.
  1. Prepare the tools. There are six important tools you should gather for your furniture assembly, including a carpenter’s level, 60-grit sandpaper, a rubber mallet or hammer, a drill or an electric screwdriver, an Allen wrench, and a measuring type (the one that comes pre-equipped with locking metal). A muffin tin can also be useful to manage all pins, nails, and screws. By sorting all the materials and tools, you can save a lot of time and effort, which will undoubtedly deliver a better furniture assembly result.
  1. Choose your work space. It would be wise if you perform assemble the item in the exact room where you want to put it live after the assembly. This way, you don’t have to carry the final product up the stairs after the furniture assembly. It may seem to be easy, but believe me, it is never that way. The moment you did it, that same moment you will realize that everything is too late and you have to start the whole thing from scratch.
  1. Choose your work surface. Try to perform the assembly from a firm, even floor. I am referring to concrete or hardwood floor, instead of carpet floor. It is very important to avoid carpet floor because it is unstable and bumpy. You can also use the cardboard packaging after flattening it out to protect the item’s finish and your floor. If you should proceed the furniture assembly on carpeting, you can have the cardboard placed on top. This way you can create a smoother work surface than the carpeting itself.

Some common mistakes to avoid in assembling furniture:

  • Keep the wood intact while driving in a nail by placing masking tape over the target area. You can peel off the tape after you drove the nail in.
  • Carefully assemble your new furniture so you won’t smash your thumb. You can also use some tools available online to protect your thumb, but always remember to read the review first.
  • Avoid pesky gaps by keeping all the hardware loose. You can tighten them after you have all pieces together.
  • If you are uncertain on how to assemble your furniture, don’t hesitate to call for a professional assembly service. You can save your time and effort, even avoid the risk of hurting yourself.

How to Personalize Your Item

Once you are done with the assembly, you may consider giving all of them a little personal touch to your furniture:

  • You can use wheels to add some height to your furniture. This item also allows you to move the unit with ease. Just screw the casters on and you are ready to go.
  • Some bookcases have additional feet. You can skip them off to give your furniture a more futuristic look.
  • You can also take apart some parts of your furniture and replace them with newer models. However, please make sure that the new model will fit perfectly to the existing holes.
  • Make your furniture looks prettier by painting them. You should use oil-based paint for the best result. Before you proceed with the painting, don’t forget to prime and sand the unit.

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